Large Organisations

Beverly Cushion HR Consultancy has a wealth of programme/project management experience working in large organisations. Bev commenced her career and spent 20 years in a large financial services company, gaining experience in a variety of HR roles before setting up her own consultancy business, so is well placed to understand the types of issues/challenges faced by large companies in today`s competitive market.

Do you have a need to engage our services?

  • Have you recently announced a reorganisation of your business and need an HR Manager to manage the HR aspects?
  • Have you got a particular HR initiative that needs project managing?
  • Do you have an HR team, but need to strengthen it up due to current workload?
  • Do you need us to help you undertake a review of your HR team?
  • Do you have HR professionals studying for their professional qualifications that need coaching?
  • Have you burning issues that need honest, objective and independent recommendations made on how to address?
  • Do you need us to help you create an HR Plan for your business?
  • Could your leadership team benefit from some coaching?
  • Are you in need of an injection of different/external ideas?