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South Norfolk Council identified the need for an effective Performance Review Scheme, which recognised and rewarded high performing staff. We appointed Bev Cushion on recommendation from our HR Manager, who had seen Bev successfully deliver such projects in the past.

Bev was brought in and tasked with delivering a new Performance Review Scheme. She was given a tight timetable, no budget and a clear expectation to deliver. She brought forward a range of options, analysed the existing staff appraisal scheme (engaging with most staff across the organisation) and developed a new scheme which simplified documentation, made clearer links between performance and reward, introduced regular 1:1s across the organisation and reviewed and redefined the competency framework.

Bev took proposals through staff, unions, management team and committee. The strong level of engagement throughout the project enabled full buy-in from all. Bev delivered the training on the new scheme. Feedback throughout the project from all stakeholders has been impressive. The enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and skill Bev brought gave us a successful project, which makes a key cultural shift in the organisation.

I would have no hesitation is using Bev on future projects.

Andy Radford, Deputy Chief Executive, South Norfolk District Council – 28 March 2012

Bev has helped us with the recruitment of a CEO for the charity. Her input, advice and help with the recruitment process has been excellent. She led the interview process enabling us as Trustees to make detailed observations and notes.

The role of the CEO is absolutely critical to the future of the Charity and with her help we were able to appoint a first class candidate from a very strong field.

Stephen Bowers, Trustee and Treasurer, Nelson’s Journey – 16 January 2012

Bev is delivering for us successfully and on schedule a complex management restructure. The success of this work is business critical and crucial to our organisation achieving our ambition to support many more people to have a stronger voice, real rights and better lives.

Bev has earned a well deserved reputation for her expertise, professionalism, effective planning and balance in delivering this sensitive and wide reaching project, and the other key work streams that she is leading on. She works well with colleagues, who have been impressed by her insight and valued her support and guidance.

Positive, confident, knowledgeable and responsive, she’s great to work with and I am very happy to recommend her.

Jonathan Senker, Chief Executive, VoiceAbility – 20 July 2011

Bev has been engaged to work with the Charity to assist with the delivery of some complex projects and has been engaged with us now for the past 5 months.

Primarily Bev has been leading on a management restructure whilst also working with us in developing new pay structures, a competency framework and achieving consistent mechanisms of work.

This is no small task for anyone, however Bev has really taken it in her stride. Bev’s knowledge, abilities and techniques have seen a clean delivery of this project whilst very quickly also forming good, strong networks with our key personnel in seeing the project through. Bev is also a joy to work with.

I cannot recommend Bev highly enough to work within any organisation to delivery the most complex of projects.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Catherine Ibbotson, Head of HR, VoiceAbility – 29 June 2011

Recently, Bev supported us in the process of filling an important vacancy. Her experienced guidance and hard work were immensely valuable in helping us secure an excellent appointment. We are happy to commend Beverly and will certainly seek to involve her, once again, in our own processes in the future.

Graham Porter, Chairman, Taverham Recreational Facilities Ltd – 5 April 2011

Bev demonstrates high energy levels and is very enthusiastic, which is infectious. She has a great work ethic and a real “can do” attitude. Bev applies her vast HR experience in a pragmatic way, yet is creative in her approach. Bev’s strong project management skills enable her to juggle many things at the same time and achieve her deadlines. She is a real pleasure to work with and I hope we do so again in the not too distant future.

Mike Stewart, Project Manager/Programme Manager, Aviva plc – 2nd December 2010

Bev has helped us to recruit a very important member of our ever growing team. She has a great ability to judge characters and ensure there is a good fit with our organisation. We were incredibly impressed with the selection process, the quality of candidates put forward and the person we have appointed, who we believe will make an enormous difference to our business going forward.

We look forward to doing business again in the near future.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable

Simon Francis, Managing Director, ESE Direct Ltd – 26th October 2010

I first met Bev through nelsonspirit, an organisation which runs ‘Leadership adventures for Managing Directors’. nelsonspirit believes that helping others is the best way of achieving personal growth, and does this by crew members offering their skills and knowledge to assist local charities with their challenges. Its a win/win situation for all involved. As a ‘crew member’ from nelsonspirit, Bev helped Nelson’s Journey (a charity which supports bereaved children living in Norfolk) explore issues around our need for new accommodation, and also instigated fundraising initiatives for the charity. Bev’s support has been ongoing. She is a very committed, energetic and enthusiastic person who brings a positive, creative approach to any challenge. I am very happy to recommend her.

Kim Greensmith, Chief Executive Officer of Nelson’s Journey – 6th September 2010

Bev has been inspirational on the nelsonspirit crews. She has a rare gift of being able to add value within the context of large organisations, small businesses and charities. She blends excellent project management skills, a passion for feedback, with a professional background and vast experience of people management issues. Her high energy and ‘can do’ approach make her outstanding. Unlike many in her profession, her coaching and one to one work are grounded in both leading personal development practices, and have a commercial focus. Bev has made a massive contribution to the charities she has worked with, as well as to the fellow Managing Directors on nelsonspirit. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Nigel Cushion, Chairman, nelsonspirit – 27th July 2010
nelson spirit logo

I have know Bev for 18 months, since I have been involved in two of the nelsonspirit Crews, which look to bring together business leaders and charity heads, for mutual benefit.

It has been in the last few months that Bev has been particularly helpful and supportive, as I have looked at reviewing the administration and financial support needs of the Hamlet Centre.

Bev’s ability to hear what is being said and then very quickly and succinctly being able to come up with innovative, carefully considered actions is hugely impressive. After a 90 minute meeting, she was not only able to come up with a potential new structure, but also put Job Descriptions and Person Specifications in place based on the competencies needed for the jobs.

Bev is good fun to work with and has a knack of stimulating the kind of discussion that your business needs. I would happily recommend her to anyone as a highly skilled and experienced practitioner, project manager and leader.

Michael Rooney, Chief Executive Officer, Hamlet Centre Trust – July 2010

Bev has been my mentor now for 4 months and has already made a great difference to me personally and to my business.

Over this time we have identified areas of my business that need working on, such as my seasonal pricing strategy, and discussed more personal subjects that got me realising what I value in life and what makes me “tick”. Most recently Bev encouraged me to enter the EDP Business Awards, for the Young Entrepreneur of the year…and so far I have made it through to the final 6!

The relationship between us is so special because I can be totally honest and open with Bev, and in turn, I get honest and open feedback from her that I would not get from other peers or family or friends. A good conversation for me was all about business relationships with accountants and what I should be getting from them…and not the other way around…very beneficial, and financially too!

In particular, the relationship has been really effective because Bev is someone that I aspire to become, and more so each time we meet. A successful and independent business women with a great set of values and ambitions.

I would encourage everyone to have a mentor, but make sure you chose one that you respect and can learn from!

 Katie Hanger (Owner), Lola Charters.

The air ambulance worked with Bev via an initiative that she is involved with called nelsonspirit. Bev assisted the charity in an exhaustive search and selection process for a new Director of Fundraising and Marketing. This high profile position will be charged with taking the charity from its current £3.5m turnover to the £5.0m required to meet the charities ambitious plans for the future. Bev ran the entire process from selecting a partner recruitment agency to the intensive first and second interview process based upon a competency based approach. Candidates had to demonstrate excellent public speaking and presentation skills, leadership, team working, influencing, communications, creativity and the ability to be able to manage change (amongst other key skills). The charity will be featuring the entire process in a case study which is likely to be featured in the region’s media in the near future.

We would highly recommend Bev as an HR professional and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her invaluable help to the charity.

Simon Gray, Chief Executive, East Anglian Air Ambulance

Bev has added real value to my group of companies. She introduced a performance management/appraisal system. This included a new bonus scheme to ensure we rewarded people competitively and retained our top people. She also helped me implement a cultural change programme, which required people taking more ownership and to focus more on the customer to ensure we improved service levels. She coached managers through the process and helped with staff engagement. I was very impressed with Bev`s energy, positive, “can do” attitude and her ability to bring people on board with the changes. She has a very strong work ethic, is extremely honest in her approach and overcame obstacles with confidence and passion – she certainly went the extra mile for us! Since these changes have been introduced I have continued to use the services of Beverly Cushion HR Consultancy for all my HR needs and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing HR services.

Ian Phillips (Director), Ian Phillips Electrical Services

We used the services of Beverly Cushion HR Consultancy to undertake a “Healthcheck” on our company, which we have used as a springboard for introducing changes to the way we go about our business. The review highlighted several things we needed to address immediately – the need to clarify people`s roles and responsibilities more clearly, to undertake a more robust and regular review of salaries, to provide more training for all staff and to improve communications within the company, part of which was to introduce regular team meetings. To have Bev undertake this independent review and for her to feed back to us in her honest and professional manner, ensured the process was completely objective. This enabled us to quickly identify the immediate challenges within the company and Bev helped us agree an action plan to address them. Since the initial piece of work, we have retained Bev`s services and she is working alongside the management team to continue to introduce change into our business.

Director, EEW & Co

A Testimonial from our new feedback questionnaire

What went particularly well from an HR perspective with the programme?

Beverly was able to take the strategic view and as a consequence pulled the various strands of this programme together in order to achieve the optimum delivery and results.

What 3 key strengths did Beverly bring to the programme?

  • Programme management disciplines
  • Strategic thinking
  • Challenge

How effectively did Beverly engage with key stakeholders?

Beverly is very good at managing relationships and engaged well with key stakeholders. She was able to build a very effective relationship with the Executive Director, sponsoring this programme.

How well did Beverly deal with challenges/issues that arose?

Beverly deals with issues in a calm and pragmatic manner. She utilises her strong network and rarely needs to escalate for resolution.

Were the HR project objectives/key deliverables met?

Yes. Beverly also extended the scope of the programme where she saw commercial opportunities.

Would you consider using the services of Beverly Cushion HR Consultancy again? Please expand on your answer.

Yes. Without doubt, Beverly is a highly capable, credible and versatile HR expert who adds value in the work she delivers.

Would you feel comfortable recommending Beverly Cushion HR Consultancy to another organisation?


HR Business Partner, Aviva